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Are you looking for a video survey report in Nottingham?

Stephen Saunders located in Nottingham offers an exclusive video service along with your survey report. Once you request for a video report, we contact the current homeowner to seek their permission to conduct a DVD video record of their property. Once they agree, we start recording the property details.


The video involves a brief walk-around the property, showing you the exterior and interior view of the property - including the garden, rooms, garage, roof space and other areas. The duration of the video lasts for about 10 minutes and it includes a commentary at the background explaining the things that you see on the video.

Why opt for a video survey report?

A video survey report can help you in better understanding the property and help identify any defects that might not be available in a normal survey report.


A video survey report can also help you plan the layout of furniture and other items for when you move in. You can also show the video to your friends and family so they can see what you are purchasing.

What's next?

The video survey report will be provided to you in a DVD format. If you are intending to order a video survey report please call us and we will provide you with additional details and costs.


Why not get a detailed video survey report from Stephen Saunders? Get more detailed information with our specialised video survey report. Talk to us for more information.

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